My Reasons to avoid doing busniness with Best Buy.

Avoid buying or dealing with BESTBUY  Site now fixed

Here is  the link to their web site. Here is what I get when I use the link, IE5.0 & 5.5 win 98 & 98se Security settings HIGH with cookies enabled and active x off.  

I have been using a shortcut to look at their flyers for sales for months because I am frugal and don’t buy the newspaper.

The link stopped working this week  May 1 2005.

Update 18 May they have the website now compatible with IE5.5

I called the number to try and find out what had changed on the website so that I may help myself and read their ad, and also help them, because if I cant read the site many others won’t also.

I have called many times to try and  get a hold of public relations and  the web people but no  luck, they just want your name phone Number and email address so the may collect data.  They also will tell you  how to turn off your security on your computer.  They also tell you how to  fix the problem by calling your ISP.   What they wont do is connect you to someone or have someone call you back because of your (MY) concerns.  As I may have not mentioned  They Have already collected information with out me giving it. They had my phone number already.   they still have it but make no effort to contact me.   It is easier and quicker for me to write this negative report about Bestbuy BEST BUY, than is is to get a hold of someone who cares.  I have spent over 2 hours trying to get through to someone to help.  “UNCLE”  it give up.

How can any business run that way, I won’t have anything to do with BEST BUY and recommend you stay away.  I am totally surprised at their total out-source of communications attitude.   There is only one other place so far that I have found bad.   Burger King. 

These companies are even unwilling to help themselves.  Blocking themselves from pubic input and comment.

If you have any bad experiences with Best Buy Pleas let me know I may post them here!