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Frugalbee  Timex ripoff


Click here My letter to timex PDF

Short story:
    I sent off my Coveted Timex datalink 150s model 69901 to Timex to get my battery changed. With a note explaining. 
 I received back a big clunky model 150 with a nearly dead battery and with a bill.  I asked them where was my nice small 150s.  They said they reduced my watch to scrap.   Anyway there is more in the letter above.  They donít even know how to change a battery ? 
Others have e-mailed me with the same problem.   Timex stole their watch.  Timex insists that they tell the customer not to send in the watch because they no longer repair that model.  Timex is robbing the public. So if you do own a Timex datalink data link 150s model  69901 or 69931 Do not send it back to Timex.   They will not hesitate to keep it.   I wonder if they are fixing them up on the side and selling them on e-bay.
If they have kept your 150s  watch Please let me know.

After complaining and writing a couple letters.  I have received a 150s almost as nice as the one I sent in but Still donít feel  I have been made Whole.

Another story:  Timex datalink usb support. 
Timex Corp. has a snooty  attitude about supporting windows 98 and wonít help.