Honey bee (Honeybee) swarms catching, swarm Controll and Identification in Frederick MD (Maryland)

Honeybee swarm Identification Joke

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Honeybee Swarm On peak

Large Honeybee swarm at ground level

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7 lb Swarm in Frederick

Catch swarms up to 30 Feet

Swarm catching is made easier thanks to Master beekeeper,  Stephen McDanielís Patented Swarm catching box.

I can now catch Swarms up to 40 feet.


Westminster 6-18-04

Grabbed a swarm in 15 minutes

The below photos are yellow Jacket nestís.  The texture looks like Bathroom Hand towel paper  formed into a nice semi round ball and can vary in size from grapefruit to Soccer ball size.  Generally Bald faced hornets, which are black reside in these.  This time I found Yellow Jackets in them.

Yellow Jackets nest.

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