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Pure Raw Local Honey



Thurmont Gold Honey for sale

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Prices Fall 2017 

Small Bear


6 oz Bear with flip-top lid

1 Lb Jar


1 Lb  glass or squeeze Jars

22 Oz Pint


Pint mason  22oz

2 lb Plastic


Plastic Squeeze 2 lb

1Qt Glass


Glass Mason 46 oz



5 Lb Glass Mason

2Qt Glass


Glass Mason 6 lb

3 oz pollen


3 oz of pollen

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 2001 Honey crop Sold Out

 2002 Honey crop Sold Out

 2003 Honey crop Sold Out

Honey Photos

Pure Raw Local Honey from The Foothills of the Catoctin Mountains, Near Thurmont, MD.  Our Pure Raw Honey is hand processed as needed, Fresh from the comb.  We  only extract what we need and leave it in the comb until ready, to keep it fresh in its natural state as the honeybees left it.  We strain our honey to get out the bee parts and the large wax cappings.  We do not add junk back in  to make it look  “Raw.”   Our Honey has all the natural pollens, Enzymes and wax and is the Freshest tasting, most delightful Honey you may have ever had.   We also Have Creamed Honey which is finely Crystalized which  is super tasting with a delightful texture.