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The Many reasons I won’t go near  burger king anymore. Why should you believe me?

This page came about because I couldn’t contact Burger King to explain the Drive thru entrance at the Charles town, WV. Burger King.     I have heard of  “Beware of Dog” signs!     I don’t think  3 year olds can read the signs,  and parents should know better than to walk into cars!     Isn’t there a better way to treat this safety issue!

There maybe should be a sign “ Beware of Burger King!”

1. Always be sure you design a customer entrance with a Bang!! Photo Below.

2.  Be sure your web page is easy simple and understandable, and fast loading !  watch out for the 3 windows that pop up!,  these are:,,,

3.  Be sure to put your as part of your contacts:  An e-mail address! as all companies would normally do.

Check out this contact page!  We don’t want you to email us!  Now that explains why the  web page is of such quality.


4. Never get a toll free Phone #

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