Frugalbee  Name that Thing 2

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This bug was crawling on me, I was working outside all day, it is about 1 inch long.

If you Think you know what the name of the bug is !

The winner is: David  Herota  from Thurmont, MD     (10-14-02)  Won some Frugalbee Honey

I have lived in Thurmont for two years now.  After attending the most recent  Colorfest, I learned that Thurmont area (Creagerstown) was famous for  their honey.  I was astonished by this, because I had just learned it by  overhearing conversations at the fest.  Therefore, I searched through the  Internet and found your site.” 

David has sure done his homework!  He has guessed 3 of the “Name that thing” which have been missed by others. Links were supplied with the guesses.    Congratulations!   David’s knowledge base and communications skills are a valuable asset to the Thurmont area.

It is called a wheel bug. (assassin bug) Description links below picture.

 Here is a site from VATech:
and  here is a close up shot of the head,